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Bachelor of Arts in Theology: Biblical Studies Major

Four-year Degree Program - 120 credit hours

The Biblical Studies major is designed to provide a good foundation in the Christian scriptures, including matters of historical context, literary genre, distinctive themes, and interpretive strategies. Attention is given to relating the study of the Bible to Christian theology and Church history, as well as to the broad range of human experience and thought. The goal throughout is to help students integrate learning with personal faith and life.

Course Requirements

Biblical and Theological Studies (54 credit hours)

Bibical Studies (42 credits)

Theological Studies (12 credits)

General Arts (39 credit hours)
Professional Studies (12 credit hours)

Electives (15 credits)

Profile of a Graduating Student

A graduating student will:

Graduating students with a major in Biblical Studies will have a good foundational knowledge of the Old and New Testaments which includes:

  • knowledge of the general storyline of the Bible;
  • appreciation for the unique genres in the Bible, together with familiarization with the distinctive contents of biblical books from each genre;
  • comprehension of the distinctive character and primary features of nascent Christianity as reflected in the New Testament;
  • skill in the practice of biblical interpretation together with knowledge of the principal issues in the history of scriptural study.
  • Have developed skills and interests of a life–long scholar,
    such as:
    • critical thinking, including the ability to understand, evaluate and explain various points of view;
    • the ability to do research;
    • demonstrated facility in writing in a clear, logical and organized manner;
    • an appetite for the reading of scholarly works related to biblical studies.
  • have begun to integrate knowledge of the Bible with:
    • matters of Christian theology and church history;
    • the broad range of human thought and practice reflected in the study of human history, religion, philosophy, culture and literature.
  • have gained a firm sense of Christian identity and vocation.

Career Path Options

This major provides a preliminary basis for a variety of Christian ministries, including pastor, Bible teacher, or missionary. In other cases, students will find that this degree major furnishes them with an excellent Christian foundation prior to career training in another field. Students who wish to prepare for full–time Christian ministry with a particular denomination or organization will need to seek information regarding specific ministry preparation requirements.

Future Education Possibilities

A degree in this major will allow many graduates to pursue further studies in Bible, theology, or related subjects at a seminary or graduate school.

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